The Adventures of Nightstalker
In the land of Sosaria, there rose to prominence a man so crafty, so vile, and so deadly, that the World shivered at the uttering of his name! That name is Nightstalker, and you can catch but a glimpse of his Adventures here, on the tattered scrolls found stashed away behind a bookshelf in the Britainnia Library. There are lingering rumours of hs death, but every once in a while, a body is found in a dark alley, or someone reports being mugged by someone fitting 'The Nightstalkers' description. Consider yourself warned! The following stories are not for the faint of heart!

Episode One I am The Nightstalker
Episode Two The Necromancer's Suit
Episode Three Good Fortune Smiles Upon Me
Episode Four A Thief and a Crook
Episode Five A Season of Slaying
Episode Six Adventures on Ice Island
Episode Seven Loathed and Despised
Episode Eight A game of Cat and Mouse
Episode Nine Softening Up?
Episode Ten Dragon Tamers
Episode Eleven Acid Slime Sighting
Episode Twelve A Truce?
Episode Thirteen Day Dreamers
Episode Fourteen Shades of Darkness
Episode Fifteen Barter Town Mines
Episode Sixteen Vigilante Justice
Episode Seventeen The Misguided
Episode Eighteen The Dusty Pillow Incident
Episode Nineteen Illegal Activities Abound

Work in Progress Nightstalker's Journal

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