Episode Twenty

How Nightstalker Got His Groove Back

As I was making my rounds in Luna, checking a door here, testing a window there... you know, to make sure everyone is safe... I came across two gentlemen having a conversation in their house. Not being one to snoop, I carried on my merry way. Okay, I'm kidding, I definitely eavesdropped. I "overheard" that Tom was interested in purchasing a scroll of immense power, and I wanted to be sure that it would be kept safe in the bank, so, I listened in on the details of the exchange, and got into position.

Zog'orium escorted Tom to the rendezvous point to meet the seller, and I was prepared to follow along.

Oh! It's Lady Shalimar. No time to talk, I am waiting for the seller to arrive so I can protect the scroll of immense power! I followed the pair through a teleporter tile, and waited for some doors to be opened for me.

Once inside the inner sanctum, I prepared for the exchange, and watched as the scroll changed hands. Zog'orium failed in his quest to protect Tom and his purchase, as I reached into Tom's pocket and slipped on out the window, evading the water droplets that spewed forth from Tom's eyes.

Success! ^_^

It was widely whispered that the infamous Nightstalker had stolen from [NEW], but Shalimar as my witness, I digress.

I returned to the same teleporter I had used only moments before, and found one Beleg[NEW]... he had opened some doors for me unawares, and I materialized in front of him with some questions.

The citizens of Sosaria had become lax in their security measures, supposing there were no thieves about, even to the point of destroying the monument to the great Chad Sexington within Barter Town's walls. Even a giant needs sleep. It is not wise to think they will not awaken.