Episode Eleven

Acid Slime Sighting

While making my rounds, searching for my next victim, I came across a group of creatures I'd never encountered before. Slime! Nothing to give a second thought to, their only offense is spilling their blood on your weapon once they break open... not much to brag about! " Hehe, I know you broke me into a thousand bits of goo, but I got the last laugh, watch your weapon disintegrate before your very eyes!" May evolution be kind to you poor slimes on your next mutation. *smiles*

I mount my steed and plan to make quick work of these foul beasts before I am discovered in the dungeon, which would ruin my element of suprise. I order my horse to move quickly towards one of them, and I thrust my dagger into the slime, to no avail! "What?!?!", I exclaim, as the slime crawls up the leg of my horse and throws me forcibly to the ground!

"What sort of evil is this?", I ponder, as I back up a few steps to regroup. The slime doesn't let up, it is CHASING me! Not bothered by the minimal damage, and laughing at the poor little slimes attempt to harm me, I stab it again.

*I begin to stumble around in confusion and pain*

Nasty little bugger! I quickly change to cat form to regain my health through the poison, but the slime would not allow it! It struck again, forcing me to assume my human form once more, thus making me feel the sting of its poison.

I decide to flee! If one of them can do this to me, just imagine what the whole group of them could do if attcking in unison!

Then it hit me... if I can't find any victims, I could have them come to me!

I posted a bulletin on the town square, alerting the fair citizens of Serpent's Hold of the terribly dangerous slimes that threaten to take over their city if left unchecked!

I wait...

I wait...

One brave soul answers the call! And I await his demise!

He fought bravely, but he fought alone! Where were the other citizens of the town? Why was I the only one standing there with a pitchfork?

Sucess! I took everything I could, and was surprised at the speedy return of Calaman! "How did he get back so fast? I didn't know there were Healers of Mondain on this Island. Maybe his friends are with him, I better hide!"

He spotted me and I vanished! His horse was standing by, and I wasn't about to allow him to make use of it to reclaim his items!

I dared not respond, with my valuable loot in my pack, it would be foolish.

I made my way through Despise, and found another victim was in the area!

"Another time... I have a pack full", I had to remind myself, as I wanted to snoop another pack.

I got home and sifted through it all to appraise my taking... and was very happy to see all the valuable riches in my pack!

My mother used to tell me, "When life tosses you a lemon..."...

Sometimes when the victims are far and few between, you have to make lemonade, with a twist of acid slime!