Episode Three

Good Fortune Smiles Upon Me

It appears I arrived just in time... A fresh new Barracoon, two blues, and two rat formed dragons.

I like those odds! But woe is me, it will take AGES for Coon to fall to these two.

I had to do something to occupy my time. ( pops backpack )

Oh! For me? You shouldn't have ( left this valuable item in your pouch )! Oh no, I couldn't... It wouldn't be proper. I can buy my own in Luna, really, I ... well, if you insist!

They didn't know what hit them, they never spoke a word, their dragons were never called upon... how could I not go back and pop another pack? *devilish grin*


This time I hear the words "All Kill" in the distance, and I thought to myself, "Silly people, none of their pets are named 'All'!", so naturally, nothing came to kill me.

After banking my new treasures ( which will be placed on my vendor in the future, stay tuned for vendor location ), I made my way back just in time to watch Barracoon finally fall.

I managed to get this powerful scroll, and a bunch of gold on the ground that nobody seemed interested in ( with thieves about ) *devilish grin*

I thanked Camilla and Askaroth kindly, and they rudely dashed through a newly formed magical portal.

I forgave their bad attitudes and carried myself to Luna bank, where I saw "The headless horseman" Dresx!

Curious as to what a naked headless man keeps in his backpack... *POP*

Empty! Except for one item, and what an item!!! I waited until the bankers backs were turned to me, slowly dipped my hand into his pack, knowing HE wouldn't see it, and lifted a treasure that will undoubtedly sell for a nice chunk of gold!

I take the ring, and his head appears as I am walking away. I move upstairs to be alone with my precious!

All was going so well, good fortune was smiling upon me, everything I touched will turn to gold!

One last time for the day, before my luck runs out... ah! Marvin, a gate sitter!

Not a very nice find, but it had to be mine, just to teach him a lesson about gate sitting.

What can one do when fortune smiles upon them, but smile back? *contorted grin*

Be weary of the night, for the Nightstalker thrives in it.

If you feel you've misplaced your fortune, check my pockets, you probably placed it there.