Episode Five

A Season of Slaying

Sitting on my throne in Barter Town Mines, I began pondering my life and my success as a thief in this world. Sure I've made some good steals, filled my belly with earnings from someone else's pockets, built my home, afforded the weapons and armor to train my skills...

But... why take only one item when I can take them all with just a little more effort.

I set out to train my killing skills! I decided to slay Harpies, but was rudely interrupted by No Ka Oi and his terrible Dragon. I quickly slipped into the shadows, unnoticed. He was training his dragon, mercilessly slaying these monsters with tremendous ease, only appearing to shout new commands and to pluck their feathers.

I stealthed away and summoned four pixies to my side, I whispered my plan to them and they giggled with glee. They followed me back up the mountain to the Harpies nests and waited for No Ka Oi to make his appearance. They fluttered over to him like butterflies, but stung him like bees.

Swarming over his head, he abandoned his dragon and ran down the mountainside... He didn't make it far.

His dragon followed behind, killing the pixies, but it was too late.

The dragon wasn't trained to attack looters, so I had no trouble picking his bones clean.


Days later, standing around at Luna Bank, I noticed a VERY nice ring inside Xaviers pack. I couldn't just take it from him there:

So I waited for him to bring it to me at the MoonGate, away from watchful eyes:

I thank thee Xavier ^^

More recently, I saw Death Tax negotiating the purchase of a house at Yew Gate:

He had a nice fukiya, and was distracted with his own dealings:

There wasn't a chase, so I went back to see what other free items I could get from these generous murderers. Ooh, Xeroth has a decent mempo...

He gave a half-hearted chase, like it was standard procedure, and walked the area looking for invisible beings when I slipped away, but quickly returned to negotiate the house. Lets try this new mempo on!

Shit! Hero Dyed... oh well. Something else to place on my vendor.

So, on my way to East Umbra Mall to get some repair deeds.

Izzy pops through a portal, same as she did last week. Last week it led me to an IDOC house, which I found very useful, so of course I popped through again, hoping for more goodies.

I wasn't so lucky this time, it took me to a house on the outskirts of Zento. She opened another gate from inside her house to the same location. SCORE!

I amused myself while I awaited her return. She did return, and I tossed a DP Star into her weak flesh, while advancing closer for a dagger strike! She was in severe pain! She quickly took a teleporter downstairs to safety, and I couldn't follow. :(

All was lost, I wouldn't be able to reach her corpse, and I was waiting to be banned from the house... her panic must have clouded her judgement, as she ran outside, I left the house in chase, and she collapsed by the stary river. She didn't have much on her of value, and I didn't have much time to loot before her friends showed up to scout the area. I made my exit with my pockets full.

Yes, this has been a good month... This season is just begun, and I have your loot to celebrate it with!